Dear Punter


I am proud to announce that with Win Crusher you will finally take the gamble out of gambling!

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Betting each day for profit is one of the most difficult investment strategies available.

However, if you have the correct method and the very best information, the daily financial rewards are absolutely mind boggling!

There are a select few punters who know how to make the game work in a very big way indeed, and there is something that they all have in common.

They bet very selectively, they KNOW what horses are being ‘sent out to win’

And they KNOW what races they are running in.

Three years ago I was approached by a jockey who was a stable rider with a top trainer.

They had a network of contacts that really could not be rivalled.

He told me that he had a system for making selective bets that almost never lost.

He explained that he was working with a very well know trainer

(who has to remain anonymous for obvious reasons) 

They had ‘inside information’ that was complete DYNAMITE!

I insisted that we needed at least a year’s worth of results to establish the consistency, strike rate and profitability of this betting system.

There was NO WAY I would put my name to anything less!

Further I told him:

If after one year we had a genuinely profitable method on our hands, I would be interested in presenting it to ordinary punters who wanted to improve their lives by making outstanding daily betting profits!


Fully Eight out of every Ten bets won and I personally elevated my small trial betting bank to total earnings of over £100,000 in just 12 months!

And what will REALLY surprise you is that I made ALL OF THAT from just a few small bets each day!

Perfect for anyone who has a day job or has limited time for whatever reason.

The jockey in question also gave me a bespoke staking plan that is SO SIMPLE, at first I doubted it would work!

But within just a few short weeks, my betting  capital had transformed from two figures (£75) to FIVE FIGURES (£10,000+)!

I couldn’t believe it – my account balance had SKYROCKETED!

THIS WILL BE YOUR ACCOUNT In just Twelve Months - 100K+

And it’s not just me enjoying HUGE PAY OUTS, DAILY - Check out these testimonials from existing Win Crusher customers;

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This product is ONE OF A KIND.

Whether you’d like to make a full time income from betting or you’d like to earn a little extra cash on the side

Our system is first-rate and it’s the ONLY betting system you’ll ever need.

So, let me tell you EXACTLY what you’re getting here…

Instead of leafing through the newspaper or purchasing expensive ‘tips’,

You are gaining access to a method that will give you;



The Win Crusher System simplified my daily regime to the extent that I no longer waste hours leafing through forms.

Rather, I now spend just 5 minutes each day

Collecting my bets and placing them at any bookmaker.

And I win 87.9% of the time - AT ALL ODDS!

Placing a bet on a horse to win now takes me less time than making a sandwich!

The time that Win Crusher has freed up for me has allowed me to focus on what is really important in my life

Building a secure and reliable income stream

Paying off all my debts

Taking care of my family

Enjoying every single day!


Such is the sheer innovative quality of this product; it has never failed to win over ANY period of time.

I have NEVER placed more than two losing bets in a row. In fact, I will frequently go a WHOLE MONTH without a losing bet!

Win Crusher gives EXCELLENT CASH REWARDS for a minimum of effort!

Most racing folk secretly hope that one day they’ll discover the betting system that will make all of their dreams come true – huge cash pay outs, DAILY.

When I was approached by my (quite well known) jockey, that is exactly what happened!

A few professionals might graduate over time to exceptional profitability, but it is almost impossible for an ordinary punter to do so!

The truth is that the ordinary punter has neither the time nor the inclination to carry out the required ‘spadework’ to really understand how winning really works.

This product will give you a totally unique opportunity to GET RICH!


Sure, you’ll have to make a few clicks with your mouse, open an email and tot up a few figures, but so long as you can do that, this product is for you!

There really is no need for suspicion!

I have insisted that this product carry a 60 DAY CAST IRON GUARANTEE!



We KNOW the results, we KNOW what it can do and are quite happy for every single new customer to try a risk free period of trial.

Let me share with you a quote from the Jockey/Trainer Partnership agreement:

“After intensive trial and error since 2012, coupled with refining our contacts,ensuring discretion and consistency, we have developed a SUPREMELY ACCURATE FORECASTING TECHNIQUE which effectively takes the gamble out of gambling.

Without exaggeration, there is no known reason why this product will not continue to produce phenomenally profitable bets. The system’s major forte is its ability to uncover winners with unfailing accuracy.

Furthermore, many of those winners start off at remunerative odds - much higher than their ‘true chance’ percentage would suggest!

This means REAL VALUE in each bet!

In addition, we have established a very cunning staking method which ensures the  MAXIMUM growth of betting capital or return on a single bet. Best of all, it takes a mere few minutes each day and anyone can do it!”

Where the approach of this product differs from other systems out there is that it focuses on tracking down horses that have been SENT OUT TO WIN!

Did you know that fully 85% of horses in any race have no realistic chance of winning?

Win Crusher KNOWS which horses have been sent to win.

And you will be shown the winner each and every day!

We have developed a network of reliable information which will present the exact races and horses that have been SENT OUT TO WIN!

Isn’t a betting breakthrough of this magnitude worthy of a tiny, risk free investment of your time and money?

You might just get used to working with us on a long term basis, given the gilt-edged offer I am presenting to you here!

Win Crusher will be the investment you need if:

You wish to find a reliable, genuine, daily investment opportunity.

You are looking for a substantial, full time income.

You’re seeking a simple way of working that takes virtually no time.

If you can relate to any of the statements above then this is the product for you!

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Please Understand:



Here is a little background on me:

I ran a phone tipping service many years ago and we had significant success, but losing runs meant we struggled to hold on to our customers.

I have remained active within the industry in breeding and bloodstock, while maintaining contacts all across the UK.

My betting was really just a bit of fun for me… until I met the jockey/trainer partnership behind Win Crusher.

No More Excuses

Win Crusher will do the following:




Too good to be true?

Give us a try and get on the inside to devastating effect.

The easiest option is to do nothing!

But I assure you it is absolutely imperative that you see the value of this offer.

What we have here is a unique ‘one off’ opportunity to easily establish a source of income which will allow you to make great, beneficial changes to your life financially.

We are offering RISK FREE - not just a ‘racing system' but a proven means of securing real prosperity and all the benefits associated with it!

We take the gamble here, not you!

Either the Win Crusher bets keep winning as they have done for the past 3 years, or you walk away.

For us and for you, the Gamble has gone from Gambling.

The bets will continue to win and your quality of life will continue to improve!

Of that, you have our promise.

So, whether you are a complete betting novice or whether you’re an experienced punter who has graduated to some profitability, this investment opportunity is going to take your betting career to a whole new level!

Huge cash rewards, for you, daily.

Of that, you also have my promise.

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